Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Magic Fountain

Juliet Peters sits with her son Jack, 4,

Juliet Peters sits with her son Jack, 4, who enjoys a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cone at the Magic Fountain Ice Cream Shop in Mattituck. Credit: James Carbone, 2009

Ali Choudry, owner of this popular North Fork sweet spot, has no shortage of imagination when creating unique flavors for his homemade ice cream, which he says he likes to make using foods from the local area. "Every season has its own different flavors," says Choudry, who was brewing green tea the other day for a new ice cream flavor. It has a vanilla base, he says, and "tastes like you're drinking a green tea."

Ice cream: Kulfi (popular Indian confection featuring rosewater, pistachio and cardamom), Chocolate Chili (starts with a chocolate-cinnamon taste, finishes with a hot and spicy kick), Coconut Avocado (coconut ice cream blended with real avocados equals sweet and creamy). 

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