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Major League brats and steaks

After the agita-and-the-ecstasy of last night's baseball games, you just get nostalgic. I think it's the garlic fries at AT&T Park. Reason enough to enjoy the Giants.

Today, Red Sox Nation contemplates fasting until pitchers and catchers report for spring training 2012. To those tomahawk-wielding Braves' fans, I say: chop this. I even like the Phillies more than Atlanta. My enemy's enemy is my friend, even if it's any enemy, too. So, take a bite out of a cheesesteak.

But with playoffs about to start, pencil in the Yankees as a fresser favorite. NYY Steakhouse alone qualifies the Stadium for prime time, beginning with the long-bone rib eye. It has lobster, too, in case you really want to consume New England.

I'll also be partial to the Brewers. Beer and brats. What more do you want? A burrito at Tiger Stadium, a 3-pound pretzel where the Rangers play? I'll skip the ancho chicken because I hold a grudge against the Diamondbacks in general and Luis Gonzalez in particular. St. Louis can keep its cheese nachos. I remember the late-'80s Cardinals and Vince Coleman.

And when I think of Tampa Bay, I'll contemplate antacids. I also propose that Bern's Steakhouse name a prime cut for Evan Longoria, who turned it on in time for the Rays, if not for my fantasy baseball team.

I'll  miss the Shake Shack, Blue Smoke and flavor-packed specialties of Citi Field this fall. But, as a childhood Brooklyn Dodger fan, I understand waiting till next year, too. There is always hope.

Meantime, dig in.

Coming soon: bistecca alla Longoria?


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