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Maki rolls on Long Island

Kushi Japanese Fusion's super white roll is a

Kushi Japanese Fusion's super white roll is a success, pairing white tuna with spicy white tuna plus a hit of wasabi sauce. (Dec. 1, 2012) Credit: Randee Daddona

A simple maki roll usually involves toasted dried seaweed, vinegared rice and fish. But simple doesn't always cut it here in the suburbs, where the popularity of fancy layered constructs with made-up names runs high.

Often, these inventions turn out to be surprisingly winning. So think about putting your chopsticks around one of these:


Talented sushi chef Eric Wu somehow succeeds with the elaborate Victoria roll: spicy tuna with tempura flakes, avocado and chopped peanuts wrapped in pink soy paper and topped with mango sauce.

SHOW WIN, Northport

This popular Northport Japanese restaurant is known for its long list -- about 50 -- of maki rolls, each more rococo than the next. A favorite is the colorful Samara Slam roll: spicy yellowtail, eel, salmon, asparagus crowned with wasabi-infused roe.

SUSHI KO, Merrick

From sushi chef-owner James Wang comes Veronica's roll, which is made with black rice -- reputed to have health-inducing qualities -- as well as salmon, asparagus, avocado and scallops, half topped with seaweed salad, half with guacamole.