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McDonald's launches Fish McBites Happy Meal

McDonald's Fish McBites are part of a new

McDonald's Fish McBites are part of a new Happy Meal. Credit: Handout

The hottest new thing at the Golden Arches is Fish McBites Happy Meals, the first Happy Meal launch in a decade.

Fish McBites are cute. And crunchy. And really little — each of these heavily breaded deep-fried spheres of Alaska pollack is around the size of a grape tomato. Kids might, in fact, think of them as big pieces of popcorn. To a grown-up, though, they may hardly be worth eating. Way too much crust, not enough flavor and only the fleeting sensation of something soft, mild and vaguely marine. Which might suit your youngster just fine.

I got to sample a Fish McBites Happy Meal at the newly remodeled McDonald’s in Plainview, which, by the way, is so swank and lounge-y looking, it’s surprising they’re not serving Martinis.

But I digress. Here’s what’s in a Happy Meal: Seven fish balls, a small bag of French fries, a sealed plastic bag of apple slices, a drink and, of course, a toy. Depending upon the beverage chosen, the calorie count for this meal hovers between 385 and 415. The price, on Long Island, is $4.69 plus tax.

Adults who so desire can buy the same Fish McBites on the restaurant’s standard menu; they come in three sizes — a snack size, with 10 pieces, a “regular” size with 15 pieces and a “shareable” 30-piece size.

If you plan to cast a line for these bites, better do so soon. They’re only around for a limited time — until the end of March, which is also the end of Lent.

McDonald's is at 818 Old Country Rd., Plainview, 516-931-8897.

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