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Monsoon Steak & Sushi in Babylon launches 'Tour of Asia' menu

On the Thai "Tour of Asia" menu at

On the Thai "Tour of Asia" menu at Monsoon in Babylon: honey-tamarind chicken with fried cashews and curry-dusted fries. Credit: BRG

Monsoon is returning to its authentic-Asian roots — at least once a week, as the Babylon restaurant launches “Tour of Asia,” a Friday-night fixed-price menu that focuses on one Asian country and will change every two months. And it’s a bargain of a journey: the three-course meal costs $29.95.

First stop: Thailand. Choose one of three starters: tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup), suea ronghai “(“crying tiger” spicy beef skewers) or curry-puff chicken; one of three mains: honey-tamarind chicken with fried cashews and curry fries, pad krapow (stir-fried pork with Thai basil) or red snapper khao soi (crispy egg noodles and fish in a creamy red coconut curry). Dessert is either Thai cookies and cream or Thai doughnuts.

Monsoon will stay in Thailand through Nov. 22; thereafter the kitchen will set a course for Vietnam followed, in January, by Japan.

When it first opened in 2012, Monsoon was subtitled "Asian Kitchen and Lounge" and earned four stars from Newsday for its Peking duck, Korean pancakes, Vietnamese summer rolls and more. Ultimately, the restaurant rebranded itself Monsoon Steak and Sushi, keeping many of the pan-Asian specialties, but adding those surefire Long Island hits, steak and sushi.

“When we opened,” said owner Michael Bohlsen, “we may have been a little ahead of our time.” While customers said they were interested in the varied tastes of Asia, “they weren’t necessarily ordering them. We worked hard to give people what they wanted, but now it may be time to try again.”

Full menu and details can be found here.

Monsoon Steak & Sushi is at 48 Deer Park Ave., Babylon, 631-587-4400,

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