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My letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

This year would you bring me a noodle joint? It would be so wonderful if Long Island had a inexpensive restaurant where I could sit at the counter and slurp a bowl of delicious ramen. If the restaurant were to be similar to Ippudo or Momofuko in Manhattan, that would be fine with me.

And while you’re thinking about Asian cooking, could you get me a Vietnamese banh mi shop? When I’m in Brooklyn, I can’t get enough of these sandwiches—pork, pork pate, mayonnaise and pickled vegetables on a baguette—at Hanco’s. They've got great summer rolls, too.

How about a straight-ahead American seafood restaurant with really good fried belly clams, lobster rolls, clam chowder and grilled fish? We had one for a few months before Day Boat in Roslyn was destroyed by fire a year ago, but for the most part Long Island fish restaurants overshoot the mark by being creative and high end (H2O) or undershoot it by just not being that good (you know who you are). If this new place had exactly the same decor and menu as Jasper White’s Summer Shack in Boston, so be it. Why reinvent the wheel?

Finally, we could use some more lunch options in Melville. If you do decide to grant any of the forgoing wishes, could you do so in 11747?

Regards to Mrs. Claus, and thanks for granting me last year's wish of more terrific artisanal pizza.


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