Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

New at Panera: Steak chili

Chili topped with cornbread at Panera Bread

Chili topped with cornbread at Panera Bread Credit: Newsday /
Joan Reminick

Panera Bread's answer to winter weather is its new “all natural” steak chili topped with cornbread.

The chili combines both slow-cooked beef brisket and ground beef in a soupy mix fired up by cayenne and ancho chili powders. A small bowlful, eaten at the East Farmingdale branch, was my lunch this afternoon.

The chili had a subtle kick but could have used a bit more meat. The cornbread, though, was way too sweet. Dessert, if you ask me, should come after the main course, not on top of it.

Panera Bread is 919 Broadhollow Rd., East Farmingdale, 631-420-5940.

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