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New in Farmingville: Chinese-Japanese-Thai

Wonton soup at J & C 68 Restaurant,

Wonton soup at J & C 68 Restaurant, Farmingville Credit: Joan Reminick

Introducing yet another pan-Asian place: J & C 68 Restaurant, newly installed in the Farmingville space where the venerable Chinese stalwart Tim Sing used to be.

I always approach multiple cuisine restaurants with skeptical fork (or chopsticks). Here, the menu is Chinese, Japanese and Thai. What were the chances that justice would be done to all three?

The first test was the wonton soup. In way too many restaurants, that means thick, flabby bundles encasing tightly-packed pork in a broth that's either bland or too salty.  Here, I was truly surprised by the delicate and savory little dumplings afloat in a flavor-intense broth.

From the sushi bar came a fresh and lively “crazy roll” made with peppered tuna and avocado with spicy tuna and tempura flakes on top. A big plus: the rice was of proper consistency and temperature.

Thai spicy basil chicken was light and nuanced, if not quite fiery. And I found the Chinese “two-flavor eggplant” (chicken, shrimp and eggplant in a garlic scallion sauce) eminently satisfying.

J&C 68 Restaurant is at 654 Horseblock Rd., Farmingville, 631-736-6688.

From the Chinese side, wonton soup at J & C 68 Restaurant

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