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New in Glen Cove: Super Serbian burger

Pljeskavica at Nitalis Grill, Glen Cove

Pljeskavica at Nitalis Grill, Glen Cove Credit: Joan Reminick

What,  you've never had a pljeskavica before? I sank my teeth into one just days ago at the new Nitalis Grill in Glen Cove and it was amazing.

Think of the dish as a super-sized Serbian burger, served on pita and garnished with a zippy roasted red pepper relish called ajvar. True, the meat was fairly well-done, but it virtually burst with spicy juices.

Impressive too (if not nearly as novel) was a grilled seafood salad made with smoky, succulent grilled calamari and shrimp plus bright greens, grape tomatoes, red onion, black olives in a spunky lemon herb vinaigrette.

The small but spiffy Mediterranean-Serbian-Greek-Middle Eastern eatery is tucked into a strip mall. You order at the counter and your food is brought to you — beautifully plated and served on proper dinnerware, I might add.

Nitalis Grill is at 214A Glen Cove Ave., Glen Cove,

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