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New in Merrick: Vine Wine Bar

Vine Wine Bar in Merrick

Vine Wine Bar in Merrick Credit: Vine Wine Bar

Lynn Mione is determined not to intimidate. The wine list at her new Vine Wine Bar (it opened on May 12) is designed to make even the most abject wine novice feel comfortable. In addition to more than 100 bottles, it includes helpful “margin notes” advising quaffers that “a complex wine means it has many aromas and flavors,” and that  “acidity makes your mouth salivate; tannins make your moth dry,” and  “vintage year is the year that the grapes were grown.”

Food selections consist of savory small plates and desserts (none of which costs more than $10) plus cheese and salumi platters.

Last night, a Thursday, the place was hopping with the bar, tables and lounge area all occupied by what appeared to be la crème de la South Shore.

The Vine-Wine Bar, 2259 Merrick Rd., Merrick, 516-812-7883.