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New places for fast, flavorful sushi

The hirame crudo, which is fluke, is served

The hirame crudo, which is fluke, is served at Miraku restaurant in Great Neck. (October 28, 2011) Credit: Yana Paskova

Yes, the calendar is filling fast in this week before the holiday countdown. Maybe the answer is to eat at a place where the cooking won't take too long. Or take any time at all. This week's recommendation: sushi. Here are three newcomers well worth your time.

Miraku in Great Neck stands out for the traditional nigirizushi, or uncooked fish on ovals of vinegared rice, as well as its colorful, creative productions. Fluke crudo, with daikon sprouts and yuzu dressing, looks as good as it tastes. Sea bream, horse mackerel and amberjack are among the fine choices. And, if you're not in a great hurry, try fish and chips: spiced crab, tuna, yellowtail and scallion on seaweed-tempura.

Miraku is at 31 S. Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck; 516-466-6369, mirakuny .com

Arata Sushi in Syosset presents eye-catching sushi and sashimi, meticulously prepared. Consider the "invincible sandwich," triangles of salmon, avocado and tomato, with assorted roes; sparkling maguro "invictus" with spicy tuna and wasabi-daikon dressing; and the omakase selection chosen by the chef, an impeccable array of what's best the day you're there. Stay a few minutes more to enjoy the fish tacos, filled with a seviche of finfish.

Arata Sushi is at 18 Cold Spring Rd., Syosset; 516-921-8154.

Kashi in Huntington moves to the beat of a party. It's a splashy, vivid place, from decor to plate. The sushi bar itself is a perpetual-motion show, with a team of chefs moving at remarkable speed. Sample the Kumamoto oysters, as well as a yellowtail-scallion roll, another of spicy tuna and jalapeño. The omakase presentations are very impressive -- and tasty.

Kashi is at 12 Elm St., Huntington; 631-923-1960.

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