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Open: Chicken Coop, Valley Stream

Rotisserie chicken at Chicken Coop in Valley Stream.

Rotisserie chicken at Chicken Coop in Valley Stream. Credit: Joan Reminick

What do you expect from an eatery called Chicken Coop? If you’re in Valley Stream, forget any preconception of a small and unsophisticated poultry takeout. The 2-month-old Chicken Coop is, rather, a spacious and cheerfully decorated Colombian restaurant.

At a recent lunch, I found service both friendly and forthcoming. And – as is so typical of Colombian spots – the chicken was beautifully burnished, moist and savory. There was super chicken soup too, replete with giblets, potatoes, carrots and cilantro.

The place offers some real deals. At lunch, the soup of the day comes with meat, rice and salad, all for $7. And a $20 family takeout or delivery combo features a whole rotisserie chicken, a large order each of rice, beans, boiled potato and salad and a 2-liter soda for $20.95.

Chicken Coop is at 159 Rockaway Ave., Valley Stream, 516-568-2667.

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