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Oreo at 100

Stock photo of three Oreo cookies with a

Stock photo of three Oreo cookies with a mug. (undated) Credit: Elke Dennis - Fotolia/

Today, the Oreo turns 100.

How do you stick a candle in a cookie?

Well, you could make an Oreo-cookie cake, of course. Or swirl the tops off some double-stufs to create enough adhesion.

But, then again, just dunk a few for old time's sake. No, they don't taste exactly the same as they did when you were watching "Fury" or "My Friend Flicka," "Andy's Gang" or "Wonderama."

Still, dunk on. These are the madeleines of the masses, baby-boom variety. Yes, even if they're now  the big brand from Kraft Foods.

The beloved Oreo isn't as old as Barnum's Animals or Fig Newtons. It only seems that way.

Admittedly, they haven't aged as gracefully as another peerless centenarian, Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice." But the great novella deals with sublimation, something no Oreo devotee can contemplate when faced with a glass of milk.

So, for today anyway, revel in Oreos and have your own little remembrance of things past. Consider the franchise that has grown and taken in peanut-butter Oreos and red-creme Oreos, pie crusts and ice cream cones, brownies and cakesters. If it were a burger: more than 500 billion sold since the first was made by a baker in Hoboken.

You're already much luckier than fans of another chocolate sandwich cookie. I confess to liking Oreos.

But I loved Hydrox.

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