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Oreo Thins taste test: New cookie scores high marks

New Oreo Thins are almost half as thin

New Oreo Thins are almost half as thin as regular Oreos. Credit: Newsday / Rebecca Cooney

Delicate. Refined. Elegant. Oreo?

Indeed, Oreo's newest iteration, Oreo Thins, are as classy a cookie as the brand has produced in its 103-year-history. The new cookies, which will be introduced nationwide on Monday, are the same diameter as regular oreos, but are thinner by almost half. A regular Oreo is more than 3/8 inch thick; Thins are less than 1/4 inch. And while Mondelez International Inc. says that Thins are "not a diet cookie," each has only 35 calories, compared with 53 calories for the fully endowed version. A 10.1-ounce package containing approximately 40 cookies will retail for $4.59.

Illinois-based Mondelez, which has owned the Nabisco brands since 2011, has also said that Oreo Thins are not designed to be twisted open or dunked, but we managed to pry one apart without too much trouble. Frankly, without that big wad of creme, we find them more dunkable than the originals.

Oreo Thins will be available in classic, mint and "golden" (vanilla-wafered) varieties. We took them out for a taste test and give high marks to all three. Neither the wafers nor the creme have changed; the difference is all in the proportion and mouthfeel. The thinner layer of creme gives the cookie a less sweet taste, and the whole package has a crisper snap -- while producing markedly fewer crumbs.

Count Thins as a victory for Team Wafer. Most of Oreos' innovations over the years have focused on the filling. No doubt Team Creme applauded the 1970s introduction of Double Stufs which were recently surpassed by Mega Stuf. Then there was the Triple Double Oreo (three wafers with two layers of creme, one vanilla and one chocolate) not to mention cremes flavored with mint, chocolate, lemon, berry, cotton candy, s'mores and birthday cake.

To compensate for their slimmer profiles, Thin Oreos' official serving size is four cookies, as opposed to three for originals, which we find laughably optimistic in both cases.

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