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Painters' in Brookhaven: First bites

There's a stuffed, steamed bun, or bao, offered

There's a stuffed, steamed bun, or bao, offered at Painters' in Brookhaven, this one with sweet-chile glazed shrimp and Asian slaw, in March 2014. Credit: Newsday / Peter Gianotti

The reborn Painters' is putting on an exhibition in Brookhaven hamlet.Yes, the dining room is loaded with paintings. But the real splashes of color now are on the plate, too, courtesy of chef Luis Marin.

This truly is a something-for-everyone kitchen.  Enjoy a steamed bun with shrimp and slaw, nibble on a grilled pizza, dive into a salad; try fried chicken or arroz con pollo, sesame-crusted tuna or sushi tuna on wontons. And, of course, have a burger your way — or one named for Warhol or Matisse. The ones that especially suit Painters' immortalize Georgia O’Keeffe and Francis Bacon.

On a recent Saturday, a young woman was making balloon animals. Maybe she's fond of Jeff Koons. But the octopus is truly impressive.

The restaurant advertises "art food bar," in that order. These days, they're doing well at all three.

Painters' Restaurant, 416 South Country Rd., Brookhaven; 631-803-8593.

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