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Pasquale’s Pizza & Pasta Cafe replaced by Picante’s Mexican Italian Grill in Bellmore

The dining room at Pasquale's Pizza and Pasta

The dining room at Pasquale's Pizza and Pasta Cafe in Bellmore. Credit: Michael E. Ach

Pasquale’s Pizza & Pasta Café, with its checked tablecloths and excellent pasta Bolognese, said arrivaderci in late summer, making way for Picante’s Mexican Italian Grill.

Pasquale had been operating since 2010 in what was formerly Brooklyn Pizza Café at 505 Bedford Ave. in Bellmore. Chef and owner Pasquale “Pat” Iorio focused on Italian-American comfort food. In addition to meat sauce, the restaurant was notable for its fine house-made Italian bread, thin-crust pizzas, and simple but rich cherry cheesecake.

The new Picante’s is still serving pizza and pasta, and has added fajitas, burritos, and other Latin American specialties;, 516-308-4544.

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