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Peach season peaks in Riverhead

A sign of peach season: the fresh peach

A sign of peach season: the fresh peach sundae at Snowflake in Riverhead. Aug. 2014 Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti

Ripeness is all in Riverhead. And that means peaches.

Two sweet ways to celebrate: the fresh peach sundae at Snowflake, the landmark for ice cream; and the fresh peach cream pie at Briermere Farms, the very popular stand for fruits and vegetables, but especially pies and jams.

The Snowflake sundae can be crowned with whipped cream and a cherry. But be a purist and stick with the peaches alone. You can double down by picking peach ice cream, though Snowflake's grand vanilla provides genuine competition. Therefore, have two scoops. It's a $6.95 investment and peerless.

Briermere Farms' fresh fruit peach cream pie comes in at $30. But, be assured, you have spent a lot more for a lot less elsewhere. The cream is delectable, the sliced peaches at their apex, and the crust classic. Briermere also makes blueberry, cherry, raspberry and chocolate cream pies. The cream pies are available Friday to Sunday.

If you're there on another day in the next few weeks, pick the outstanding blueberry crisp or regular peach or blueberry pies.

They're great a la mode, too.

Snowflake, 1148 W. Main St., Riverhead; 631-727-4394.

Briermere Farms, 4414 Sound Ave., Riverhead; 631-722-3931.