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Persian pepper power at Ravagh in Roslyn Heights

Stuffed pepper is an appetizer at Ravagh Persian

Stuffed pepper is an appetizer at Ravagh Persian Grill in Roslyn Heights, Feb. 18, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

The owners of good restaurants are an invaluable source of dining recommendations. Last time I ate at Southern Spice in New Hyde Park, I got into a discussion with owner Sridhar Rathinam about Persian food, and he raved about the stuffed pepper at Ravagh Persian Grill in Roslyn Heights.

I’m a regular customer at Ravagh, conveniently located just off the LIE and purveyor of one of my favorite kebabs, the jujeh kebab, a skewer loaded with pieces of marinated, bone-in guinea hen. But last night it was all about the stuffed pepper. I found it on the appetizer menu and, since it only cost $7, I ordered two. While I waited I watched platters, heaped with rice and burnished kebabs, making their way past me and wondered if I’d done the right thing.

Then my peppers showed up. Each was the size of a softball and came in its own soup bowl. I felt a little foolish (or piggish) but I dug into pepper #1 and boy was Mr. Rathinam right; this pepper was stuffed to overflowing with a light, savory mixture of lamb and rice. The walls of the pepper were so tender, they gave with the side of a fork. The tomato sauce tasted of fresh tomatoes and very little else. Once I finished the first pepper I was sorely tempted to start in on its companion, but restraint prevailed. And now I’ve got lunch.

Ravagh Persian Grill is at 210 Mineola Ave., Roslyn Heights, 516-484-7100,

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