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Pizza of the week is 'angry' at King Umberto in Elmont


The "angry," or arrabbiata, pizza at King Umberto in Elmont sports cherry peppers and broccoli rabe. April 2015 Credit: Newsday/ Peter M. Gianotti

It's Pizza of the Week day here at Feed Me.

The pizzeria of King Umberto restaurant in Elmont is known for its Grandma pie. The King blares: "Named and perfected here!"

But in the repertoire of pizzas turned out in the casual spot next door to the formal restaurant are a couple that spark some competition.

First is the pizza arrabbiata. The Italian word for angry is arrabbiato. And this disc definitely expresses itself. Hot cherry peppers are what turn it a bit irate. Broccoli rabe makes the light, very-thin-crust disc a meal even better. It's finished with mozzarella, garlic and olive oil. The cost is $3.85 per slice; or $14.85 for a 10-inch pizza and $24.95 for a 16-incher.

The boscoreale pizza is a more mellow affair, but just as good. The square affair sports a thin crust with spinach in it, plus Gaeta olives, artichokes and fresh mozzarella. The price is $12.25 for a 10-inch; $19.75, for a 16-inch.

Before you dive into King Umberto's pizzas, try an appetizer from the daily specials or the regulars The stuffed artichoke is generous; eggplant rollatine, tasty; escarole and beans, tops.

King Umberto, 1343 Hempstead Tpke., Elmont; 516-352-8391.

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