Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Plaza Cafe chef does it all in Southampton

Plaza Cafe executive chef-owner Douglas Gulija doesn't have

Plaza Cafe executive chef-owner Douglas Gulija doesn't have to bus tables in busy summertime. (Aug 17, 2012) Credit: Doug Young

You know it’s a freezing cold Tuesday in the Hamptons when you’re one of only two tables of diners at the Plaza Cafe in Southampton, Newsday’s top pick for seafood restaurants on Long Island.

Staffing is low. Chef-owner Douglas Gulija greets us at the door, takes our coats, seats us, serves us drinks, takes our dinner order, cooks the dinner, serves it, clears the table and bids us good night.

We bypassed the shrimp-lobster shepherd's pie and the grilled swordfish chop that put Gulija on the culinary radar, instead ordering the daily special of mackerel topped with greens and vegetables that were a little heavy on the balsamic vinegar — at least for my taste. A luscious pecan apple cake ended the meal.

But Gulija definitely gets an A+ for multi-tasking.

The Plaza Cafe is at 61 Hill St., Southampton, 631-283-9323.

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