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Rainbow doughnuts at Doughology in Lynbrook

The tricolor rainbow doughnut, topped with a rainbow

The tricolor rainbow doughnut, topped with a rainbow cookie, is a specialty at Doughology in Lynbrook. Credit: Doughology

Rainbow bagels? They are so February. Rainbow pancakes? So very March. If you want to be on the cutting edge, you’ll need to experience the rainbow doughnut, brainchild of Jackie Stiansen, co-owner of Doughology in Lynbrook.

Stiansen makes three batches of doughnut dough, each flavored with almond, one tinted red and one tinted green and one left doughnut-colored. The doughnuts are formed, fried, cooled, split into three and then reassembled in tricolor fashion with raspberry jam holding the layers together. The confection is drizzled liberally with chocolate and then, so no one misses the point, is topped with an actual rainbow cookie, baked by Freeport’s Mike Lossmann, a customer.

In February, Stiansen made about a dozen test doughnuts on a lark, but her customers went so bananas that she made rainbow the “doughnut of the day” a few Sundays ago. Bedlam. Pandemonium. Lines out the door. After blowing through about 400 doughnuts, she decided that they were just too potentially explosive for a weekend special.

So, on Tuesday, April 12, the rainbow doughnuts will make their first weekday appearance. They are $3.50 each, and there’s a limit of four per customer.

Doughology is at 45 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook, 516-341-0882

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