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Relish in Kings Park to go on 10-day vacation

Relish (2 Pulaski Rd., Kings Park): The delectable

Relish (2 Pulaski Rd., Kings Park): The delectable cheeseburger at Relish is made with freshly ground chuck (80-20 fat-to-lean ratio) seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper and served on a buttered and grill-toasted potato bun. More info: 631-292-2740,  Credit: Jeremy Bales

If you’re craving the ricotta pancakes, cheeseburger with hand-cut fries or Philadelphia roast pork sandwich at Relish in Kings Park, better get there by Sunday.

From Monday until Wednesday, Sept. 3, chef co-owner Steve Cardello and the entire crew will be taking a late summer vacation. During that time, said Cardello, the place will also get a minor renovation.

Relish is at 2 Pulaski Rd, Kings Park, 631-292-2740,

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