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Relish, Kings Park: Cereal of champions

Whole grain cereal at Relish in Kings Park.

Whole grain cereal at Relish in Kings Park. Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick

After just one spoonful, I became hooked on a whole-grain cereal offered as a special ($5.95) at Relish in Kings Park. Chef co-owner Steve Cardello described the comforting concoction as a blend of kamut, buckwheat groats, quinoa flakes, red rice and brown flax. After it's cooked, whole milk and small amounts of brown sugar butter are added. Honey is also provided on the side. I ordered mine topped with a mixture of strawberries, blackberries and local blueberries, well worth the extra $1.50. Cardello said he is hoping to get in some local raspberries this weekend.

Cardello, who takes breakfast cereal seriously, searched long and hard before alighting upon the mixture called Sunrise Blend, made by a company called Indian Harvest and sold in bulk.

Relish is at 2 Pulaski Rd., Kings Park, 631-292-2740.

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