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Roasted corn: A modest proposal

Roasting the unshucked ears in a hot oven

Roasting the unshucked ears in a hot oven is a quick, easy way to prepare corn on the cob. (August 24, 2012) Credit: Newsday Erica Marcus

As summer draws to a close, I’m trying to cram as many tomatoes and as much corn onto the menu as possible. Here are some thoughts on tomato sandwiches. As for corn, I’ve become enamored of roasting it in the oven, where it picks up a nice toasty flavor.

The traditional method of cooking corn involves a long wait for a huge quantity of water to come to a boil. Grilling it is delicious but requires heating up a grill. Also, eight ears of corn will effectively monopolize your grill, delaying the meal even further. Here's a quick and easy alternative:

While the oven preheats to 425 degrees, trim the corn. Don’t remove the husk, but feel around to find the point where the stalk meets the base of the ear and, with a chef’s knife, cut through that. Then cut off the top of the husk so it’s level with the tip of the ear. Now remove the first few layers of husk. Put the ears directly onto the oven rack and roast for five to 10 minutes. (After five, remove one of the ears, pull back the husk and try a kernel or two.) When they’re cool enough to handle, pull off the remaining husk and silk and serve.

The temperature here is flexible. If you have something in the oven at 375, throw the corn in and roast it a little longer; shorten the time for a hotter oven.

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