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RVC: Who will be the 'Lord of the Wings?'

"Lord of the Wings" competition at Dark Horse Tavern Credit: Handout

The humble chicken wing is often merely a munch that gets us through sporting events — but on Feb. 20, the wing becomes the sporting event. Rockville Centre's Dark Horse Tavern is hosting a contest that will give both prodigious eaters and proud cooks a chance to display their talents.

Should you be interested in proving your digestive dominance, pay $20 to join the fowl fracas – where you will battle against fellow contestants in a 10-minute race to consume the most possible wings. The eventual winner will receive a cash prize, an official “Lord of The Wings” crown and a 2-hour open bar. (All players get a T-shirt and a 1-hour open bar following the competition.)

However, if you’re more designer than devourer, simply bring your creation up to the Dark Horse during the contest and let the panel of judges decide on whether your wings fly or flail – with in-house gift certificates given for The Spiciest and Best wings.
Everyone else enjoys $3 Coors Lights all night plus T-shirt giveaways and a raffle for prizes.

The festivities start at 7 p.m.  Dark Horse Tavern is at 12 S Park Ave., Rockville Centre, 516-442-5477.