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Sarikopa opens in Riverhead

Sarikopa coffee and tea house is new in

Sarikopa coffee and tea house is new in Riverhead. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

A gracious new beverage-centric café has opened in Riverhead, just across the river from the main business district. Sarikopa occupies an old two-story house that has been completely renovated, and customers have their choice of seats in the double-height serving area, the L-shaped porch or the patio out back, where owner Agnes Kravit has planted vegetables and herbs.

Kravit, who emigrated from Lithuania 17 years ago, opened Sarikopa in February. “I had never run a business like this before,” she said, “but I knew what I wanted — a homey, European style café.”

Sarikopa offers more than 50 varieties of loose-leaf teas, all of which can be brewed hot or iced. There are a handful of simple varieties such as Monks Blend, a combination of Indian black teas, and Gunpowder, the famous Chinese green tea that gets its name from the little balls the leaves are rolled into.

But most of the teas are complex infusions such as Berry Picking Delight (rosehips, hibiscus, schizandra berries, blueberry and mango flavor), Cranberry spice (cinnamon, goji berries, rooibos and cranberry) and Pu’erh Chocolate Chai (fermented tea with dandelion root, yerba mate, cacao shells and nibs, long peppers, coconut flakes, cardamom and vanilla). The caffeine content of every tea is noted. A small hot tea is $1.85, iced is $2.50.

Sarikopa also serves a full line of brewed and espresso-based coffee drinks as well as fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies, salads, panini, wraps, breakfast omelets and baked goods.

Sarikopa is at 226 Riverleigh Ave., Riverhead, 631-591-3444,

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