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Seviche for sunny days

The tuna seviche is served at Chachama Grill,

The tuna seviche is served at Chachama Grill, a restaurant serving new American cuisine in East Patchogue. Credit: John Griffin, 2009

Seviche is a refreshing cure when the day is hot and the grill hotter.

Seviche, or ceviche, is fresh, uncooked fish that has been marinated with citrus juice, usually lime or lemon, changing texture and taste. The Incas used the technique to preserve fish, also adding salt and spice.

Today, cebicherias abound, from Lima to New York City. And seviche is getting splashy on Long Island, following sashimi and crudo.

Locally, this refreshing alternative to cooking is available in Latin American and Mexican restaurants. Here are three places to enjoy it.

Besito makes seviche at both its Huntington and Roslyn addresses. Typically, the seviche of the day might be shrimp with chipotle peppers and pickled onion; or mahi mahi with jalapenos.

Chachama Grill in East Patchogue goes the seviche route with tuna, which is paired with crisp oysters for contract and crunch. It's accompanied with fufu, a mash made with sweet plantains. The establishment also offers shrimp seviche, finished with grapefruit, poblano peppers and cilantro.

And, going to the source, there's Los Andes in Deer Park and now in Patchogue. The Peruvian restaurant treats whitefish with lemon juice.

Besito, 1516 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn, 516-484-3001; and 402 New York Ave., Huntington, 631-549-0100.

Chachama Grill, 655-08 Montauk Hwy., East Patchogue; 631-758-7640.

Los Andes, 1844 Deer Park Ave., Deer Park, 631-392-0555; and 275 E. Main St., Patchogue. 631-569-4555.

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