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Snowflake in Riverhead serves sundaes made with local blueberries

Blueberry sundaes are a seasonal treat at Snowflake

Blueberry sundaes are a seasonal treat at Snowflake in Riverhead. Credit: Newsday/Peter M. Gianotti

It's the berries.

Snowflake, the Riverhead landmark for ice cream, is celebrating July with blueberry sundaes made with local fruit. Stu Feldschuh, co-owner of the ice cream shop, wasn't sure how long he'd be offering these scoops of summer. But they'll be available as long as the supply lasts.

So, if you're in the neighborhood, or inclined to take a trip, you'll find no better taste of July than the blueberry beauties. Purists will order them with Feldschuh's peerless vanilla ice cream, either soft-serve or hard.

But you can experiment. The blueberry topping is a treat with peach ice cream, which gives you a hint of what a future star will be. And black raspberry is irresistible. Earlier in the season, strawberries reigned and they made it essential to double down with strawberry ice cream.

A blueberry sundae made with soft serve ice cream is $6.40; with hard ice cream, $7.32, before tax. Feldschuh also offers "baby sundaes," with smaller portions, for $5.07 soft-serve; and $6.20, hard ice cream.

If the local fruit harvest allows, the next topping may be apricot-raspberry, Feldschuh said. That would be followed by fresh peach. 

Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe, 1148 W. Main St., Riverhead, 631-727-4394,

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