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Southampton: Ponying up at Outeast Cafe

Outeast Cafe, Southampton. (May 8, 2011)

Outeast Cafe, Southampton. (May 8, 2011) Credit: Joan Reminick

French toast with strawberries for me, a burger for my compadre. That’s what's going down at my table at the new Outeast Cafe in Southampton when in walks a guy dressed in cowboy duds. He sits down at the bar.

I take fleeting note of him and quickly return to the task at hand, stealing bites of my mate’s juicy, intriguingly fiery “heat wave” burger ($11, with pickled jalapeños, hot sauce and Monterey Jack cheese). Paired with hand-cut fries, it's bliss on a brioche bun. Sure, my French toast  ($9) is good, but my heart belongs to the beef.

Afterward, we go outside and, there’s the cowboy’s ride – a pony, hitched to a block.

Ah, the Hamptons — truly, home of the horsey set.

Outeast Cafe is at 1271 North Sea Rd., Southampton, 631-259-2998.

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