Good Morning
Good Morning

St. Louis vs. Boston in a World Series of Food

New York and San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles, even Miami and Seattle — any combo could juice up the World Series of Food.

But we're faced with St. Louis and Boston, a much less-appetizing game starting Wednesday night.

The St. Louis line-up includes toasted ravioli, a specialty that's breaded, fried, and depending on your defense, one that won't make it to first base.

Hitting second: St. Louis-style ribs. They're trimmed pork ribs and usually are a hit.

Third: barbecued pork steaks. Success depends on who's pitching.

Clean-up: St. Louis pizza. Yes, St. Louis pizza o,r as anyone who has tasted one will note, a strikeout. The whiff comes courtesy of a wafer-thin cracker crust, generic pizza sauce and processed Provel cheese.

And let's speed things up with the "slinger," a dish of eggs and hash browns, completed with a hamburger, chili and cheese.  It has a clear purpose. And it must taste good after a six-pack of Bud.

No wonder Tums antacid was invented in St. Louis.

So, the  winner in this series has to be Boston, with a steady if not flashy line-up. Leading off with New England clam chowder and fried clams, followed by Boston baked beans, fish-and-chips or baked scrod, steamed lobster and Boston cream pie.

The Cardinals and the Red Sox, of course, will make it closer. Wainwright vs Lester; first pitch, 8:07 p.m.

As a fan of the orange-and-blue, I'll be thinking about Shake Shack.

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