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Strawberry’s Bakery Bar & Grill

What I ordered was house-made rigatoni with broccoli at the newly opened Strawberry’s Bakery Bar & Grill in Huntington - and waited nearly 45 minutes to not get.
When the pictured item arrived, I told the waitress that it didn't look like what I'd ordered.  "Well,  I put in for ravioli with broccoli,” she said. Fine, I'll take it. But where's the broccoli?  “In the sauce,” she said confidently.

Try as I might, I couldn't find a speck of green in what turned out to be a salty oil slick peppered with overcooked bits of garlic. As for the ravioli (purportedly "made fresh"), all I could wonder was whether someone had deliberately set out to produce a ringer for frozen Buitoni. The dish, tasted but uneaten, cost me $18. Nobody offered to remove it (or anything) from the bill.

Interestingly, my appetizer of meatballs in vodka sauce arrived 5 minutes after the ravioli. Like  coals in a Christmas stocking, they were cold and hard.

Perhaps the place will function better as a bar. The beer list looks impressive. TV screens abound; there's also a cotton candy and popcorn machine. An enormous fish tank over the bar commands visual attention.

Now, if only someone could command the kitchen.


Strawberry’s Bakery Bar & Grill is at 279 Main St. in Huntington.


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