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Subway: Now stopping at breakfast

Breakfast sandwiches at Subway on a recent Saturday

Breakfast sandwiches at Subway on a recent Saturday morning Credit: Newsday /
Joan Reminick

The last place I thought I’d end up for breakfast was a sandwich chain like Subway. That was until I saw a sign touting a “better breakfast” served from 7 a.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. weekends.

The real surprise was how satisfying – and low in calories – the two breakfast sandwiches I sampled turned out to be. One, egg white with Black Forest ham and American cheese on a light wheat English muffin, weighed in at only 160 calories. The other, an egg-white Western omelet, with a few jalapenos thrown on, didn’t have a calorie count posted, but the nutritional information on Subway's website put it at 360 calories. My breakfast mate's cup of Seattle’s Best coffee was very good. Because there was no decaf available, I settled for bottled water. Breakfast for two at the Subway in Greenlawn came out to under $10.

Of course, I still prefer a table service place. But for anyone counting calories or traveling the restaurant-barren interstates, this new option is handy to know about.

The Subway I went to is at 97 Broadway, Greenlawn, 631-912-0482,

Breakfast sandwiches at Subway

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