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The 18 best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants on Long Island

Turkuaz Grill's beyti kebab, ground lamb flavored with

Turkuaz Grill's beyti kebab, ground lamb flavored with garlic, parsley and paprika and grilled on skewers. Credit: Randee Daddona

“Mediterranean and Middle Eastern” is a catch-all term describing the cuisine of such nations as Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Israel and Egypt.

The region is a hotbed of flavors. The Mediterranean alone rolls from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Turkish coast, splashing onto North Africa and southern Europe. The inland sea reaches three continents and more than 20 nations and states. At its grandest length, the Mediterranean goes 2,700 miles. At its widest: 800 miles.

That's a lot of food. Numerous restaurants on Long Island trace their cuisines to the Mediterranean and Middle East. These are the best.

(Selections by Joan Reminick and Peter M. Gianotti.)

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