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The Chef's Corner, Mineola: First bites

Mexican hominy soup at The Corner Cafe in

Mexican hominy soup at The Corner Cafe in Mineola Credit: Handout

On a recent, afternoon, I stopped into The Chef’s Corner, a new breakfast and lunch spot in Mineola opened by two former managers from the Sarabeth’s empire:  Israel Aguilar and Maryellen Villalta. How I wished the spacious but drafty place were more evenly heated.

To take the chill off, I ordered a cup of  Mexican hominy soup ($4), which proved rich and delicious. Chicken potpie ($12) sported a flaky house-made pastry cap over what was basically a thin soup floating pieces of grilled chicken and vegetables. Had that well-seasoned liquid been an actual sauce and had the poultry been poached or roasted instead of grilled, the dish would have been more than just an oddity. Eminently more enjoyable was a chipotle chicken club sandwich made with ham and cheese ($10).

Dessert was worth the trip: a luxurious rice pudding crème brûlée tart from pastry chef Marcelo Gonzales.

The Chef's Corner is at 95 Mineola Blvd., Mineola, 516-742-1796

Above: Mexican hominy soup at The Chef's Corner Cafe in Mineola

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