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The Halyard opens for year-round dining at Sound View in Greenport

The menu at The Halyard in the Sound

The menu at The Halyard in the Sound View Greenport hotel includes comfort dishes such as a Bibb salad and deviled eggs. Credit: Read McKendree

The much-awaited restaurant at the revamped Sound View Greenport hotel has finally opened, just in time to capitalize on the last weeks of the 2017 beach season.

But unlike so many restaurants on the East End, many of which close after the summer is over, The Halyard is set to stay up and running year-round, catering to guests that the owners believe will visit the 55-room hotel no matter the season.

The restaurant, the latest from award-winning chef Galen Zamarra, owner of Mas (Farmhouse) in Manhattan, leans heavy toward seafood. The menu will change with the seasons. Zamarra said those who come out to the North Fork to dine are looking for seafood, local wines and local meat and produce.

His menu is designed to oblige, with a large majority of the wines coming from North Fork vineyards and fresh catch from fishermen who dock outside the restaurant.

Here, lobster knuckle meat studs beignets, hush-puppy like fritters with roots in Louisiana ($20); the burger features two thin patties ($21), and fried chicken comes in a pail with corn on the cob, mac and cheese and a biscuit ($30). There is also a lobster roll ($27), fried clams in a buttermilk batter ($16) and a mix of seafood Zamarra calls the Hodgepodge: beer battered cod, New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp, Finnan Haddie (smoked haddock fritters), all served with coleslaw, fried pickles and corn ($31).

Zamarra likes to vacation on the North Fork, and when he heard that the Sound View Greenport was sold to Eagle Point Hotel Partners, SoHo-based developers of boutique hotels, he decided it needed a better restaurant and the Halyard was born. Zamarra and his team, led by chef de cuisine Bruce Miller, have designed the food and beverage menus to serve diners in a 120-seat dining room, a 40-seat deck, the 50-seat hotel lounge and a 50-seat event space.

The Halyard at Sound View is located at 58775 Rte. 48 in Greenport; 631-477-0666,

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