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The problem with Long Island restaurant bathrooms

Soap dispensers, like this GOJO CXI Touch-Free model,

Soap dispensers, like this GOJO CXI Touch-Free model, virtually do all the work for you. Credit: Uline

Enough whining about restaurant food. You know what’s driving me nuts now? Restaurant restrooms.

Used to be, you pushed a lever to flush the toilet, turned a faucet to get water to flow out of the tap, pumped liquid soap out of a dispenser and, finally, pulled paper towels out of a slot. These days, a visit to the ladies room has me in a perpetual state of blunder.

Did it start with the motion-sensitive hand dryers? Or was it the self-flushing toilet? Now sinks decide on the amount and temperature of water that you need, the dispenser weighs in on the soap.

The problem is that virtually no restrooms are all digital or all analog; we are living in a transitional age of restroom-fixture discrepancy. Just because the toilet took care of your business, does not mean the sink will do the same. Do I even need to push a button to get a paper towel or do the towels sense my presence?

I find myself waving frantically at the fixtures, only to discover that they require the application of force, not motion.

Restaurants, I’m all for upgrading restrooms, but can we please shoot for consistency?

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