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The Village Lanterne in Lindenhurst: Pretzel bread rules

At The Village Lanterne in Lindenhurst, knockwurst is

At The Village Lanterne in Lindenhurst, knockwurst is served on a pretzel bun. (Jan. 19, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

Lunch time in Lindenhurst and I found myself at The Village Lanterne, the German restaurant that opened in 2007 but looks like it’s been there forever. Actually, it looks like it’s been in Bavaria forever. The bar and dining room are awash in Bavarian landscapes and knickknacks and tapestries. There are verdant boughs and vines twining about the ceiling (fake, but convincing looking) and German music in the background.

The Lanterne is owned by Tom Lorch, who also owns Black Forest Bakery a few doors up the street. It’s the bakery that supplies the warm pretzel buns that are offered in the bread basket. It was the memory of those pretzels that drew me in. About the time I finished the first one, my knockwurst sandwich arrived, on a long pretzel roll. In truth the combination of extremely fat sausages on an extremely fat roll made this a rather difficult sandwich to eat, though I thoroughly enjoyed the knockwurst, slathered with hot mustard and accompanied by sauerkraut. Next time I think I’ll try the Westphalian Ham Sandwich--smoked ham, melted Muenster cheese and bacon on rye bread. Sandwiches run around $9.

The Village Lanterne is at 143 N. Wellwood Ave. Lindenhurst, NY 631-225-1690.

Knockwurst on a pretzel roll at The Village Lanterne

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