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This week’s restaurant coverage

A server takes dinner orders at Prime Catch

A server takes dinner orders at Prime Catch in Rockville Centre. (Feb. 11, 2011) Credit: Heather Walsh

Peter Gianotti awards two stars to Prime Catch in Rockville Centre. The seafood house’s chef, Axell Urrutia (most recently of Cannon’s Blackthorn) scores big with a special of pan-fried, whole red snapper escabèche, covered with a tart marinade of grape tomatoes and onions; crunchy outside, snowy within.

Joan Reminick reviews Merengue in Garden City Park, a Dominican restaurant whose service has yet to catch up to its two-star food. Reminick also has the lowdown on Kings Park’s restaurant renaissance.

Both reviewers teamed up for a roundup of Long Island’s dozen best crab cakes. And to see video of Nader Gebrin (of Bravo! Nader in Huntington) making his signature crab cake, click here.

At Prime Catch in Rockville Centre