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Madison's chicken, served with a white wine garlic

Madison's chicken, served with a white wine garlic over lentils and Tuscan kale. (Oct. 10, 2012) Credit: Johnny Simon

In this week’s Newsday, Peter Gianotti visits Madison’s, which has transformed the Williston Park address long occupied by Ivy Cottage. Chef Jeffery Slade (formerly of the departed Farmhouse in Greenport, not to mention The French Laundry and Le Bernardin) has a “cross-borders take on New American ingenuity .?.?. creating fine-tuned flavors and expansive cuisine.”

Joan Reminick reviews Cozymels, “the sprawling and colorful Westbury branch of this small Mexican chain.”  With even the flour tortillas made in house, it “aims for authenticity and quality” and “succeeds some days more than others.”

Attention LIRR commuters: Here are Reminick’s picks for the best bites at Penn Station.

At Madison's in Williston Park, chicken with lentils and Tuscan kale

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