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This week's restaurant reviews

Whole red snapper in sweet-and-sour sauce is served

Whole red snapper in sweet-and-sour sauce is served at Moonstone in Great Neck, August 2014. Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti

A golden pouf of bread, seed-sprinkled and brown at the edges, is a must-order at the new Bosphorus Cafe Grill in Port Washington, says Joan Reminick. She also likes the Turkish restaurant's tender and juicy chicken and lamb kebabs and the char-grilled whole St. Peter’s fish.

A new Chinese revolution is taking place on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck, where a glittery Moonstone, once the home of Harvest Buffet, is serving up the kind of Chinese food that “will turn you optimistic and restore your appetite,’’ says Peter M. Gianotti. He particularly likes the Shanghai-style soup dumplings and the kung pao monkfish with leeks, chilies and peanuts.