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Good Morning

Thomas's bodacious breakfast Benedict

Chicken sausage and biscuit Benedict at Thomas's Ham

Chicken sausage and biscuit Benedict at Thomas's Ham & Eggery in Carle Place Credit: Newsday /
Joan Reminick

Where do you go for breakfast when picking up someone at JFK straight off the red-eye? A good bet is Thomas’s Ham ‘n Eggery in Carle Place, which opens daily at 6 a.m. It was there that we brought our ravenous daughter.

An appropriate choice might have been biscuits with red-eye gravy, but since it wasn't on the menu, she ordered the chicken sausage and biscuit Benedict. And oh, what a breakfast it turned out to be: two poached eggs on top of house-made chicken sausage and grilled tomato on a flaky hot biscuit, topped with a judicious amount of house-made Hollandaise. At $8.95, it provided enough down-home satisfaction to last until dinner. My problem: keeping my fork out of that plate after the first gratifying taste.

Thomas’s Ham & Eggery is at 325 Old Country Rd., Carle Place, 516-333-3060.

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