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Tie-dye pancakes on menu at Diner by the Sea in Long Beach

At Diner By The Sea in Long Beach,

At Diner By The Sea in Long Beach, tie-dyed pancakes have been added to a menu already celebrating a tie-dyed milkshake. Newsday visited the diner to see how they're made on March 11, 2016. (Credit: Newsday / Chuck Fadely)

The tie-dye craze continues. Mere weeks after reporting on tie-dye bagels in Plainview, word reaches us of tie-dye pancakes in Long Beach. The fluorescent flapjacks are served all day at Diner by the Sea — and are a fitting accompaniment to the diner’s tie-dye milkshakes (chronicled here).

Katerina Langis, whose family owns the establishment, was struck by the inspiration a few weeks ago, and after some experimentation with batters and griddles, she put it on the menu. (Her recipe is a secret, she says.) A regular stack is $8.95. What’s the opposite of “purists”? These folks will want to have their tie-dye pancakes studded with Oreos or chocolate chips, $9.95.

Diner by the Sea is at 260 E. Park Ave., Long Beach; 516-431-2233.

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