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Valley Stream: I told me so

Chocolate ice cream soda at Mitchell's in Valley

Chocolate ice cream soda at Mitchell's in Valley Stream by Erica Marcus. (May 21, 2010) Credit: Erica Marcus / Newsday

I’m a broken record on the subject of Itgens: Love this ice cream parlor, best hot fudge in the solar system, blah blah blah. I usually try to fit in a visit on my way to or from nearby JFK. So on my way to pick up a friend the other night, I found myself on Rockaway Avenue in Valley Stream. Then I thought, “Hey, why not give Mitchell’s some love?” Mitchell’s, recently brightly refurbished, is just a block north of Itgen’s and, while it’s more of a full-scale diner, it also makes its own ice cream.

So I settled myself at the counter at Mitchell’s, very crowded on a Friday night. I wasn’t going to set the place up for failure by ordering a hot-fugde sundae; instead I ordered a chocolate ice cream soda (see above). And…eh. The last jerk (soda jerk!) to use the chocolate syrup had finished it off and neglected to refill the pump, so my guy didn’t have enough to make the soda chocolately enough. This is not good soda-fountain management. The seltzer was a tad flat. The ice cream hung rather inelegantly off the rim of the glass. Perhaps I should have gone to Itgen’s.

Mitchell’s is at 191 Rockaway Ave., Valley Stream , 516-825-9708. Itgen’s is at 211 Rockaway Ave., Valley Stream, 516-825-7444.