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Village Lanterne in Lindenhurst relocating

At The Village Lanterne in Lindenhurst, knockwurst is

At The Village Lanterne in Lindenhurst, knockwurst is served on a pretzel bun. (Jan. 19, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

The Village Lanterne, which has been serving German food in downtown Lindenhurst for the past seven years, will be closing on Monday night. This means that if you’re hankering for sauerbraten or some knockwurst on a pretzel bun, you'd better hurry on over.

This isn't, however, the end of the restaurant, which is under the same ownership as the nearby Black Forest Bakery. Owner Tom Lorch said a new Village Lanterne will be opening within the next few weeks right next door to his bakery. He added that it has taken two years for him and a few friends to build the place by hand. It will have a beer garden, a working water wheel and a few other features Lorch termed “interesting.”

As for the menu, it will be the same as it was, with lunch options costing less than $12.95 and dinner entrees ranging from $14.95 for a burger platter to $17.95 for the ”best of the wurst“ platter to $27.95 for a bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Most of the crew will be at the new place, as well, Lorch said.

The new Village Lanterne is at 155 N. Wellwood Ave., Lindenhurst, 631-225-1690,