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The Mansion at Glen Cove to host $300 Wagyu beef dinner

An A5 ribeye of Wagyu beef is extravagantly

An A5 ribeye of Wagyu beef is extravagantly marbled. Credit: D’Artgagnan

If you’ve always been curious about Wagyu, the storied Japanese beef, and you have $300 to spare, clear your calendar for the evening of Saturday, Jan. 26. Center Cuts, the Roslyn Heights butcher, is teaming up with The Mansion at Glen Cove for an extravagant dinner featuring Wagyu beef from Miyazaki, one of Japan’s top purveyors.

The five-course menu has a Japanese orientation, with courses ranging from Wagyu-shiitake consommé with potato velouté and crispy burdock root to Wagyu sukiyaki with chrysanthemum greens, poached quail egg, soy skin and carved tofu. Each course is accompanied by a complementary aperitif, wine or liqueur. Click here to see the full menu.

The meal will be cooked by Robert Ambrosio, Center Cuts’ catering chef and The Mansion’s James Mollitor. Also on board will be veteran LI chef John Brill.  

“Wagyu” is a term that gets bandied about a lot these days, but it refers to four native breeds of Japanese cattle. The Black Kuroge is the largest and most numerous of these cattle, and Miyazaki beef is now eclipsing Kobe (related, but from another strain of beef in another Japanese prefecture) as the king of Japanese red meat.

While we’re piling on the meat terms, let’s add “A5,” which, in the Japanese system, connotes the very highest degree of intramuscular fat. It’s this “marbling” that distinguishes USDA prime meat from choice, but A5 is at a whole other level: Uncooked, the meat appears almost pink, and the snowflake-like fat starts to melt at 77 degrees. Less than 3 percent of all Japanese Wagyu attains this rating. If you were to buy this beef in the store, it would run about $130 per pound.

The dinner is also a bit of a dress rehearsal for the newest venture from Center Cuts’ owner Justin Aronoff. In the next few weeks he will be opening BLVD25, a New American restaurant on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset where Nick & Pedro’s used to be. Brill will be a consulting chef.

Reservations are required for the event and seats are limited. Click here to buy tickets.

The Mansion at Glen Cove is at 200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove, 516-674-2902.

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