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White Castle celebrates International Bacon Day with $3 'Burger Threesomes'

Bacon Classic 3 is one of three $3

Bacon Classic 3 is one of three $3 Bacon Threesome choices from White Castle. Credit: White Castle

International Bacon Day is Sept. 1, and White Castle has plans to keep the celebration going through Oct. 31.

The chain famous for its onion-steamed small burgers will unveil new $3 "Burger Threesomes," or bacon-driven sliders, which will be available all day, every day, along with a small side dish and a small drink.

And if your name, address or ID card has the word  "bacon" in it, White Castle will honor a coupon available on social media and online or a free $3 "value meal" on Sept. 1.

It's too late for Sir Francis Bacon, artist Francis Bacon, or architect Henry Bacon. But Kevin Bacon is in luck. The coupons may be found by following White Castle on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They're also available online at

The new items include the "Bacon Classic 3," a bacon-cheese slider with small French fries and a small drink; the "Bacon Breakfast 3," a slider with egg and cheese, small Hash Brown Nibblers and a small coffee; and the "Belgian Waffle 3," a bacon Belgian waffle slider also with egg and cheese, those Nibblers and that coffee.

A sack of six Bacon Cheese Sliders will be available for $6.99. If you're using White Castle's mobile app or ordering online, a sack of six breakfast sliders of either bacon, egg, and cheese or sausage, egg and cheese is $7.99.

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