The more Chinese dumplings on Long Island, the merrier. So we’re happy to report that Yum Yum Dumplings has opened for business in a Centereach strip mall.

On the menu are 15 types of dumpling, each available boiled or fried. They come four to an order, and no order is more than $3.

Crescent-shaped and hearty, these dumplings hew to the culinary tradition of Northern China, where most dumplings are boiled rather than steamed and lack the delicacy of their Cantonese counterparts (though they are no less delicious).

Yum Yum’s lineup includes both classic combinations — pork-cabbage, pork-leek, shrimp-pork-chive, egg-chive — as well as some more innovative ones such as Buffalo chicken and teriyaki beef-broccoli.

There’s much more on the menu: noodles, buns, soups and “rice meals.” Nothing costs more than $9.95. To drink: bubble tea and flavored tea (both, $3.75).

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The little storefront, bright and clean, seats about 16. Order at the counter for eat-in or takeout.

Yum Yum Dumplings, 2432 Middle Country Rd., Centereach, 631-676-3148,