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Bavarian-themed restaurant Zum Schneider in Montauk to be replaced by Sel Rrose

Pork shoulder, at Zum Schneider, a German restaurant

Pork shoulder, at Zum Schneider, a German restaurant and Biergarten in Montauk, that has closed. Photo Credit: Jonathan McPhail

It's auf wiedersehen to bratwurst and bonjour to oysters in Montauk.

Zum Schneider MTK, the Bavarian-themed restaurant that was an offspring of the East Village eatery, has closed. It will be succeeded by Sel Rrose, which has a French accent and will specialize in oysters and cocktails, plus Gallic and American dishes.

Sel Rrose is the eastern outpost of the Delancey Street restaurant and will offer similar fare.

Sel Rrose's name plays off a pseudonym, Rrose Selavy, of artist Marcel Duchamp, known for "Nude Descending a Staircase" and "L.H.O.O.Q," featuring his Dadaist,  famously mustachioed Mona Lisa.

Zum Schneider opened in Montauk in 2012. It will be remembered for an upbeat style suitable for a beer garden, live music, backless benches, many wursts and the brews to drink with them. It served the most easterly sauerbraten to be found on Long Island, pan-seared local scallops atop potatoes and sauerkraut, and roasted pork shoulder in dark beer gravy.

Many of Sel Rrose's Manhattan specialties are expected to head east. Drew Cheben, of Sel Rrose's management team, said it would be "a welcome center for Montauk" where diners and imbibers could enjoy oysters and cocktails. The Manhattan restaurant serves dishes such as brandade de morue, the Provençal or salt-cod gratin; confit of duck leg; steak tartare; chickpea fries; deviled eggs; poached calamari; chicken liver pate; and a lobster roll.

Drew said he expected Sel Rrose to open in July. The site will be renovated during the offseason. But he added that Sel Rrose may become a year-round destination.

Zum Schneider was at 4 S. Elmwood Ave.

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