Good Morning
Good Morning

American dreams come true

This Thanksgiving, I am going to a wedding.

The happy couple will exchange vows at 10 a.m., Thanksgiving Day at the groom's parent's home.

I spoke to the bride at one of our vacations in the Caribbean. She was impressed when I told her that my son supports an orphanage in Cambodia. There, many parents leave their children because they cannot afford to take care of them. They learn English and the music of their country.

The future bride came to this country to fulfill the American dream. She held three jobs to put herself through school. Now she is an accountant. She is waiting for her parents to arrive in time for the wedding. They are coming from Mongolia.

Her mother is an electrical engineer and her father works for the government. The groom's father is an attorney.

This Thanksgiving will surely be different and I can't wait for this day to arrive. Everyone loves a wedding -- it's such a joyous occasion.

--Lillian Lippman, Merrick

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