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As weather heats up, so do home repair scams

Con artists don’t take a summer vacation.

Con artists don’t take a summer vacation. Credit: iStock

Con artists don't take a summer vacation., the web portal for several federal agencies, passes along these tips to stay scam-free this summer:

In a fix This is the time of year when con artists knock on your door and offer a "great deal" on home repair, driveway sealing or landscaping. Their typical sales pitch goes like this: They were in the neighborhood and have materials left over from another job.

Subtract the additives While fuel prices tend to rise in the summer, beware of products that claim they can improve gas mileage. The Environmental Protection Agency says no additive can "significantly" improve gas mileage, and some can damage your engine.

Unreal estate Before you send that check to rent a beach or lake house, make sure it exists. And you're better off paying with a credit card, like American Express or MasterCard, if you have to dispute the charges.

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